One of the key expenditures on travel is accommodation. While most travellers prefer hotels over shared rental spaces or house-sit arrangements, booking the perfect hotel can come at a greater cost. Another key factor while choosing a hotel during a vacation or business trip is its proximity to the airport. A majority of travellers prefer hotels located closer to airports, but hotels can easily blow your travel budget if you don’t take the necessary steps to cut your lodging cost

Our 7 killer tips can conveniently cut your accommodation budget and help you find the best hotel without breaking your pockets.

  1. Search the Internet for Best Prices: 

Look up traditional hotel booking sites and expand your search to regional travelling websites to hunt for deals. Don’t forget to look on the websites of the hotels as sometimes the prices offered on native websites are cheaper than those being offered on booking platforms. Compare the prices you get from your search and select the one with the most amenities and lowest price.

2. Bargaining Can Do Wonders:

A consumer survey suggests that up to 80% of customers yield discounts and better rooms after direct bargaining. Call the hotel representative directly and request a discount. The best negotiation tip is to tell the hotel representative about all the inflated rates you have got from booking websites and how you like their hotel but it falls out of your budget. Also mention if you are planning to stay for more than 2 nights, and you will certainly bag a good discounted price for the hotel.

3. Choose a Hotel away from City Center:

Hotels located in the centre of the city are usually high-end and pricey. Choose to stay in hotels which are located a little away from the centre and you a low accommodation cost is guaranteed. Staying in a distant hotel also gives you the chance to explore the streets and life of your destination better. There are tons of destinations & underrated sites you could otherwise miss if you only focus on the city centres. Sometimes the best places to visit in a city are often undiscovered and away from the city centres.

4. Last-Minute Deals Are Surprisingly Cheap 

If you are a frequent traveler, there’s nothing better than availing of last-minute deals. Look up deals on the internet and you will find tons of last-minute offers that help you save up to $200 on your accommodation expenses.

5. Alternate Accommodation Options

Hotels are not the only accommodation option when you are traveling abroad. Look up tourist hostels, rental apartments, or guest houses. Search apps like AirBnb and we bet you will find accommodation at a cost you wouldn’t even have imagined.

6. Travel Off-Season  

If you are simply going for a getaway and you don’t have any seasonal activities planned, travelling off-season is the best bet as it not only gives you great prices but saves you from all the crowd, which is otherwise present when you travel during the peak season. The Christmas season is about to start in December and a lot of people travel during that time, look up for Best Places to Travel in November and we bet you will find some surprisingly cheap deals.

Follow our tips and save a big chunk of your accommodation budget, which you can utilize in doing other fun activities.