At some point during traveling, we will always experience at least one long layover we just can’t avoid. Or if you are very much into traveling, you might experience several layovers in different parts of the world.

Flights with layovers typically cost less than direct flights. The problem is then you’d have to wander in a foreign airport, or watch the clock time and again, browse the bookstore, or simply do nothing and get bored.  And if you are traveling with kids, layovers can become all the more frustrating because then you have kids to look after while being mindful about flight timings, boarding all at a foreign airport.

While sometimes, layovers can be long enough to allow you to wander around the city or getting a budget hotel to spend the few hours sleeping or relaxing, sometimes you can’t get the visa to roam around and you are stuck in a foreign airport until your next flight.

However, layovers don’t always have to be so boring. Here are some top tips that would suit your budget and make your layover a pleasant experience.

  • Get out and explore the city:

In case of a long layover, you have the perfect opportunity to get out of the airport and wander in the city, explore the main sights of the city and visit their historical places. But make sure you don’t go too far if you don’t have enough time in your transit. You can get yourself in trouble if you go to a far-off place and don’t even know your way back to the airport. In that case, you must have a map with you.

  • Enjoy the local cuisine:

Even if your layover is not long enough to go and visit far off sights, you can always indulge in trying out the local food offered by the city or country you’re in. Look out for the nearest restaurants offering traditional food and experience the local delights. You can also try out some fast food meal that is not native to your city and have a good time.

  • Check yourself into the Airport Lounge

Airport lounges are always fun to be at. If you’re looking for a comfortably laidback layover, a lounge is exactly what you need to find. You can use your credit card to get free lounge access, if you don’t have a credit card, you can buy the lounge pass and enjoy free drinks, Wi-Fi access and, even sleeping and showering amenities, sometimes.

  • Go window shopping at the Duty-Free

If you love shopping or just look through immensely expensive stuff, there’s no better place than the Duty-Free shops at the airport. You can take samples of fancy lotions, perfumes, chocolates, or even buy trinkets to bring home. Generally, the cost of things at duty-free shops is lesser than what you would pay in your home countries, however, sometimes, items could be pricey.

  • Explore Airport Museums and Art Displays

Many airports have well-curated museums and art galleries that are free to view. You can look up at the airport’s website to see if there’s anything interesting to be explored during your layover. It could always prove to be a wonderful time-pass and experience that you won’t regret.