All parents want their children to experience the best in their lives by travelling to the most interesting towns, cities, and countries. However, the lockdown situation due to the pandemic really crushed the dreams of those willing to travel around. Parents were generally upset because they did not know how to instil the love for travelling in their kids during the lockdown. While some managed to travel as the cases slow down, others are still cautious

Here are some healthy tips on how you can make your children love travel during the lockdown.

  1. Take Them to Less Crowded Towns Nearby

Travelling isn’t only about going to exotic countries everywhere. Sometimes the real gems are right besides your own city so why not explore them? Search best places in Australia that are quite near to your house and start making a plan. You can take your children out to such towns by following all precautions. Get to know about the town you are visiting so you know its history and other major aspects. This way you will be more intrigued to explore the area and so will your children. Make sure to take your masks and sanitizers along because you know why! Also, you can look for quality kids work boots before you travel.

  • Make Them Watch Travel Documentaries

If you are living in an area where it is impossible to travel even to the nearest town, then look for comprehensive travel documentaries to watch with your kids. For sure, it is the safest means to increase your children’s love for travelling during COVID times. Go for the documentaries that you think your kids can easily comprehend and make them want to travel as soon as things get better. You can easily find documentaries on video streaming websites.

  • Follow Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers generally have very interesting things to share with their followers. You might not even find such rich content in documentaries because these bloggers tend to record nitty gritty of their trip. In fact, they also share options for accommodations and commute within the town. Following such content really helps you with planning your itinerary and other details of the plan. However, the key is to follow those bloggers who are socially responsible so that your child gets to learn some basic moral values to follow when travelling around.

  • Get them Books

How about making them love travelling and reading simultaneously? Try doing so by getting them travel-related books. Read it out to them before their bedtime and then see how they would want to explore the world on their own when they grow up. You can either get e-books or order them from any trustworthy websites. We believe getting books with high-quality images will really do the trick. You can also go for a travel book exchange with other parents when you are done.

  • Educational Toys Related to Travel

The kind of toys you buy for your children can really make or break their personalities. Always better to get more of educational or any toys that enhance their critical thinking skills. To develop an interest for travel, you can get your children a colorful world map and other toys that have major elements related to travel. Toy version of hiking essentials will also help greatly in developing love for travel.