Oral hygiene is something that is crucial for your overall well being. After all, whatever you eat goes through your mouth first. So, you would want to make sure to keep it free from any kind of infection. However, sometimes when people travel, they neglect their oral hygiene or do not have all the means to go through their routine oral cleaning. That’s why they just brush their teeth, and that’s it.

On the bright side, some people are obsessed with cleaning that they want everything on point, including oral hygiene. So, if you are someone who falls in either one of the two categories, then you really need some tips about oral hygiene while travelling. Scroll down to read about the 7 tips that you should know to keep your oral hygiene game on point while you are on a trip

1. A Routine Check-up Before Heading Out On A Trip

If you are going on a trip, it would be better if you have your dental session before that. Even if you went for a cleaning a few days ago, then also scheduling an appointment with a dentist won’t hurt. You can also tell them that you are going on a trip and ask for advice that can come to your use.

Moreover, if there are any chances of any dental issues, then the dentist will let you know right away. This way, you will save yourself from damaging your teeth even more on the trip. 

2. Buy All The Essentials And Add Some Extras

Make sure to have and pack all the essential items for your mouth cleaning. You should also pack an extra item for each in case you forget any item while travelling. However, you can buy basic items such as a brush or floss from any nearby store. Putting extra oral hygiene essentials is important for those who are going camping because finding a basic item such as a brush will become difficult for you.

Besides, if there is any item that’s personally important for you, then make sure to keep some extra of it. For instance, you might have a particular paste that you need. Mouth wash works best when you are going camping as you can at least keep your mouth fresh and clean irrespective of the place you are spending your night in.

3. Toothbrush Case Is A Must

You might have a place in your bathroom to keep your toothbrush. But, you can’t do the same in hotels as you don’t know what kind of bacteria that place might have. Moreover, dentists advise you to always keep your brush in a case, whether you are at home or anywhere else. Keeping it in a case will reduce the chance of losing your toothbrush while travelling.

4. Make Sure The Water Is Clean

Never use the tap water while you are travelling. It may contain some kind of bacteria or anything that might cause some sort of mouth infection. Therefore, make sure to buy plenty of packed water bottles when you go out.

Always brush your teeth with clean water, preferably the water in the packed bottles. You can also gargle with clean water every now and then to wash away the food that’s left in your mouth from the last meal. Also, drinking plenty of water can keep your mouth clean as well.

5. Let Your Brush Dry

Bacteria spread in moisture. That’s why if you can’t clean something, drying it in the direct sunlight will certainly free the object from any sort of germs. Similarly, when you brush your teeth, you clean away the bacterias that are present in your mouth and take them out with your brush.

Surely, you clean your toothbrush with water after brushing, but sometimes bacteria remain on the bristles. And not drying out your brush will only spread the bacteria all over your toothbrush.

This is the most common mistake that people make while they are on a trip, and when they come back, they suffer from oral infections. So to avoid a situation like this, you can simply take your brush and put it out in the direct sunlight until it gets completely dry.

6. Sugar-Free Gums Are The Best

Sometimes you can get stuck in situations where you are unable to brush. You might not get the water, or maybe you just can’t find a place to brush. Sometimes you might need to hold off your brushing till you reach your destination.

In these cases, you can always make use of sugar-free gum. It keeps your mouth fresh and neutralises acids. Moreover, the constant chewing of the gum can increase the production of saliva in your mouth, which helps clean the food that’s left in your mouth.

7. Watch Your Food!

Keep your diet sugar free as much as possible. This last tip might not be your favourite one, but if you are so concerned about your oral hygiene, then you must perform it. You should watch the food items that you are eating to keep your mouth free from bacteria.

Also, avoid eating food from open areas or places that seem unhygienic to you. It’s not only good for your oral health but your overall health as well.


Your mouth contains over 800 kinds of bacteria, out of which one is responsible for plague as it converts the sugar into some sort of acid that eats away your teeth. The chances of having that one particular bacteria are deficient, but there is still some probability.

That’s why it’s mentioned above that whenever you travel, try to cut out foods that contain sugar from your meal. Also, once you are back from the trip, you can head to your dentist’s office for a clean-up session.

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